Thinking about those warm summer days to come? Wouldn’t it be great to be drifting gently down the river on a hot sunny day with a picnic?

The Goring Gap Boat Club is committed to supporting the recreational use of the river Thames for our community. We own 2 punts and a dinghy which we base in the villages, on our local stretch of river. The punts and dinghy are available to any of our members, and are ideal for a relaxed afternoon exploring the river and the local backwaters.

We originally operated two plywood punts – very light and stylish, but they weren’t very robust and have recently been replaced by fibreglass punts, of a similar design to those available for hire in Oxford.

Our punts are probably the best bargain on the Thames – a years membership in the club can cost less than an afternoon’s punt hire in Oxford! Our two new punts are available to all members of the club. They take four adults and a picnic very comfortably and can be paddled or poled.

Interested? – visit thepage to find out how to enjoy these boats.

Want to know more about punting on the Thames – visit Punter’s guide to the Thames – some excellent historic photos too….see also ‘How to Punt’ by John Eade.